• Are you living in the UK as a citizen, on indefinite leave, as a student and want to sponsor your spouse?
  • Are you confused about how to apply for spousal visa?
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  • We have successfully processed over 1000 spousal application since 2002.
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  • Sponsor’s eligibility:
    1. British citizenship
    2. settlement in the UK
    3. Asylum or humanitarian protection in the UK


  • Applicant’s eligibility:
  • Age: over 18
  • Knowledge of English: UKVI A1 test or 16 year education
  • Financial Requirement 
  • £18,600 per year if you’re applying only for yourself
  • £22,400 per year for you and one child
  • £2,400 per year for each additional child4.
  • Visa duration: 33 months. After that will apply to settle
  • Processing time: 12 weeks
  • Visa Fee: £ 959 pounds
  • Health surcharge: £600 pounds for one person. Additional fee if children in application
  • Medical test: TB testing in Islamabad
  • Application Process: Online application followed by biometrics in Islamabad