Canada offers Permanent residency opportunity to fortunate people who have amassed huge assets and wealth through legal means. They need to show proof of their net assets which must meet the Net worth requirement and invest an amount in the respective province. The assets may be in the applicant or in his/her spouse name. The net worth and investment amounts varies from province to province in Canada.


Eligibility: 2years Management Experience
Networth: C$1.6 million (Varies from province to province)
Investment: Either C$800000 for 5 years or Pay C$220000 to
investment company to invest on your behalf-Varies)
Processing time: 1.5+ years
*Permanent Residency of Canada
*Canadian Passport after living 1460 days in Canada
*Free Education for children upto grade 12 and subsidized education thereafter
*Free Medical Facility
*Can visit home country or anywhere any time

How to apply:

Fill our assessment form here .We will complete your assessment within 24 hours and reply you back with an invitation for a meeting to brief you about the process.