Canada welcomes business people to come to Canada and establish their business here. This includes bilateral trade, establishment of a branch of your business in Canada or purchasing an existing business in certain parts of Canada. Foreign nationals currently managing businesses abroad can apply for a work
permit under this category to initiate their business in Canada. Later on they can apply for permanent residency in Canada through one of the different streams offered by Federal government or by various provinces.

Business Opportunities in Canada:
*Buy an existing business or
*Establish a branch of your business in Canada

Steps in Entrepreneur Immigration:
*Submit Expression of Interest                                                                           *Exploratory visit to Canada (May or May not be required)
*Confirm business purchase deal or Register your existing business in Canada
*Work Permit to operate your business.
*Establish your business
*Apply for Permanent residency

Benefits of Work Permit / Immigration:
*Free education for Children up to grade 12 and subsidized fee thereafter
*Permanent residency and citizenship opportunity
*Free medical and healthcare facility in Canada