Professionals or Skilled Workers :

Skilled Workers are Foreign Nationals who are selected for Canadian Permanent Residence on the basis of their skills. They are assessed in following selection factors:

  1. Education
  2. Age
  3. Experience
  4. Language Skills in one of Canada’s two official languages
  5. Adaptability
  6. Job Offer

Applicants need to qualify by achieving minimum points in one of the following four classes.

  1. Federal Skilled Workers
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Class
  3. Canadian Experience Class
  4. Certain Provincial Nomination Programs

In order to apply for Permanent Residence in any of the above four classes, applicants need to apply through Express Entry, which is an Application Management System. Applicants submit their profile in Express Entry. There are monthly or bimonthly draws in which highest scoring applicants are invited to apply for Permanent Residence. Upon submission of their documents, majority of applicants get a decision within six months.

Skilled workers may also apply for Permanent Residence through some Provincial Nomination.



In order to apply through Express Entry, applicants must first meet the criteria of any of the four classes mentioned above. In addition they must provide:

  1. English / French Language Reports (IELTS-General / CELPIP for English and / or TEF for French ), meeting the minimum eligibility criteria of their respective class of immigration.
  2. ECA (Education credential assessment) from one of the designated bodies in Canada.


Note: If you are married, you are strongly advised to provide IELTS must do the above mentioned pr

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Under the new system, ideal candidates must be:

  1. Preferably around 29 years old ( points decrease from 30 year age. No age points for applicants 45 years old)
  2. Ideally holds 16 years education (Bachelor or Master degree).
  3. Minimum one year full time or equivalent part time work experience at Occupation level 0, A or B.


Applicants, who submit their application for Permanent Residence of Canada, are assessed against the Inadmissibility factors of the Immigration & Refugees Protection Act, which include:

  1. Security
  2. Human or International Rights Violation
  3. Serious Criminality
  4. Organized Criminality
  5. Health Issues
  6. Financial Reasons
  7. Misrepresentation

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